Wood Charcoal

With enriched industrial experience, we have been able to offer a wide spectrum of Lump Charcoal. We are trustworthy, regular, bulk quantity suppliers of very fine quality ‘Wood Charcoal’ from the state of Tamilnadu, South India. Our products are mainly from Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar and near by districts . Our Coal is manufactured from best quality wood and we maintain strict quality control.

Lump Charcoal – Lump hardwood charcoal is pure hardwood pieces which have been charred. They come in several forms and from different types of hardwood. These offer intense heat and smoke from real, unadulterated hardwoods. For natural types, our charcoal has no additives or chemicals and gives intense heat.


  • No harm to environment
  • Safe packing
  • Superior quality
  • Seived with medium and large size mesh
  • free from dust and fines.
  • Moisture Content is also kept to minimum through strict quality control.
  • Our coal has longer shelf life.
  • Our Charcoal is best used in Tandoor Ovens, Boilers, Factories etc
  • As a bulk supplier, you can be assured of highly reasonable rates.

Charcoal Specification

  • Fixed Carbon : 70% – 85 % Min.
  • Moisture : 4 % – 15% Maximum
  • Ash content – 2.5 %
  • Chemical Additives – NIL
  • Foreign particles – NIL
  • Heat value – High
  • Source wood – Acacia Arabica
  • Varieties – ROOT / STICK / CHIPS
  • Mesh Size : medium and large (from 3 cm to 28 cm diameter)
  • Packaging : 45-55 Kg Gunny Bags or PP bags or as per buyer’s requirement.
  • Shape : Irregular shape (Lump charcoal would vary greatly in size, appearance depending on the quality, type of wood. Generally, larger pieces are more favorable as they burn hotter and longer. Our brand charcoal bag have uniform pieces of a medium to larger size)
  • Minimum Order : 21 MT (1 * 40 ft container / 12 wheel truck)
    Supply Capacity: 1000 MT per month
English Acacia Arabica
Hindi Babool
Telugu Nalla tumma
Kannada Babli
Malayalam Karivelam
Tamil Karuvelai
Gujarati Babaria

It is made from real hardwood firewood chunks which have been charred.

No chemical binders or igniting agents.

No pressed composite bits of wood and organic material.

Just big chunks of pure hardwood.

Our charcoal burns intensely hot and supplies superior flavor of heat without any of the nasty chemical fumes or aromas which can come from industrial pressed composite charcoal briquettes.

Providing Samples : –

If need, samples can be sent for buyer’s satisfaction. Cost of the product would be borne by us and the courier cost should be borne by the buyer.

However, when the order is processed and finalized, the cost incurred for courier would be discounted in the order.

If need any details further, feel free to contact us via info@kathirexport.in or +91 83001 58880 (whatsapp)

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