Tea Cardamom

Cardamom tea is a spice tea which originated from India. It really is created from the crushed seeds of the cardamom plant combined with hot or boiling water.

Health Benefits :-

  • 1. Digestive Treatment
  • 2. Cardamom includes a natural anti-bacterial quality that can help neutralize dental bacteria.
  • 3. Cardamom tea additionally holds numerous anti-bacterial qualities too.
  • 4. Works well for destroying the free radicals in your body that triggers damage to the cells.
  • 5. Enhances the immune system by detoxifying the whole system, there isn’t any more sensible choice obtainable in hand than some cardamom tea.

Packing :-

Packed in 50 gms / 250 gms / 500 gms / 1 Kg / in bulk

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