Ragi / Finger Millet

Finger millet popularly known as

Tamil Keppai / Kelvaraghu
Kannada Ragi
Telugu Ragula
Malayalam Panju pullu
Hindi Nachani / Mandua
English Finger Millet

Ragi / Finger Millet is a well known millet and consumed widely by the people of all over the world. Ragi has the highest mineral and calcium content when compared to all whole grains and minerals. It is called as wonder grain. It is a powerhouse of protein & amino acids. It helps to reduce the heat of the body. It also helps to heal ulcers & anemia. It is a great replacement for rice and wheat especially for diabetic patients.

Health Benefits :

  • Helps in Weight Loss – Ragi is best for weight loss
  • Controls Diabetes.
  • Rich in calcium
  • Reduces Cholesterol – Ragi is a rich source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol level.
  • Good Source of Protein and Amino Acids.
  • Treats Anemia.
  • Helps Digestion.
  • Increases Lactation.
  • Reverts Skin Aging.

Ragi is rich in calcium. Instead of popping a pill, you can as well substitute that with ragi kanji. Boil a glass of water, put a spoon of ragi flour into boiling water, add a little salt and let it cool. Drink it with a pinch of salt and butter milk. This will not just cool your body, but also gives you strength and cools your body.

Ragi is best for weight loss. Make ragi balls and substitute this for rice. You will soon notice the difference.

Ragi cherry is one of the best semi-solid foods that you give your kid before you get him used to solid food. It’s the best baby food in India to give make kids strong.

Ragi is also a rich source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol level.

Specification of  Ragi

1 Origin INDIA
2 Shape Round
3 Colour Red
4 Grade / Quality Machine clean / sorted
5 Aflatoxin < 50 ppb (parts per billion)
6 Moisture 12 % max
7 Admixture 1 % max
8 Purity 99 % min
9 Imperfect rate Max 1 – 2 %
10 Coloured grains Max 2 %

Nutrition Information Per 100g

Serving Size The serving size, in terms of the number of volume or mass
Calories 336kcal
Iron (grams) 3.9
Calcium(mg) 344mg
Fat (grams) 1.3
Carbohydrate (grams) 72
Protein (grams) 7.3
Fiber (grams) 1.3
Minerals (grams) 3.9
Per Bag 20 / 25 / 50 Kgs per bag
Quote Validity 10 Days – subject to confirmation of order
Delivery Within 10 working days (On Board)
Payment Terms Payment of Bank account through SWIFT / Irrevocable LC
60% Advance along with purchase order, and Balance 40% payment should be of Irrevocable Clean Letter of Credit at sight (LC must be Irrevocable / Confirmed / Without recourse / Transferrable)
Shipping Terms FOB (Tuticorin or Chennai)
Packing Multi Kraft Bag or PP – 20 to 50 Kgs or As per customer’s requirement
Transport By Ship or Air (As per instruction of the buyer)
Container capacity 14 to 16 MT per 20 ft container / 28 MT per 40 ft container

Packaging & Shipping

Buyer has to inform their packing terms as per their need and also the design for bag if so needed in buyer’s brand.

Packing will be done as per buyer’s requirement on various styles such as in 10 KG / 25 KG / 50 KG.

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