Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds offer great antioxidant benefits

Moringa seeds contain plenty of zinc, which is essential for regulating the secretion of insulin hormone. As the production of insulin becomes normal, the levels of sugar also remain normal in our bloodstream

Being an excellent source of vitamin A, moringa seeds can strengthen our immune system

Moringa seeds are loaded with protein and hence, we can easily fulfil our daily requirement of amino acids by including the seeds in the powdered form in our diet.

The seeds are also rich in vital minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper, and so on

Moringa  seed kernel is used mainly for the moringa oil extraction. Moringa kernel is also used for water purification. Moringa kernel is used as the mast cell stabilizer and natural anti-inflammatory food. Moringa kernel is white in color. Moringa seed kernal may be directly consumed.

Moringa seeds can be fried in a little oil – sometimes they “pop” just like popcorn. Add salt, and eat a few at a time, as they are intensely cleansing!

Fried in oil and salted – Cooked in a little oil or butter, with other vegetables. Eat them when they are young. Boiled like peas, when they are very young.

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