Health mix made of millets

The ingredients of the products are Ragi, Maize, Jowr, Wheat, Fried gram, Rice, Mung Bean, Horse gram, Green gram, Barley, Ground nut, Soya bean, Sorghum, Pistachio, Badam and Cardomom. It contains carbohydrates and vitamin sources. It has the flovour of Cardomom

Carbohydrate and vitamin sources :-

Ragi / Millet / Maize / Jowar / Wheat / Rice / Barley.

Protein Sources :-

Fried gram / Soya bean, Green gram

Saturated fat :-

Badam / Cashew nuts

Flavour :-


To have combination of all essential nutrients in one meal, health mix is the ideal family porridge.

A perfect blend of cereals, pulses and nuts is best suited for today’s health conscious consumers. It is an excellent source of high quality proteins and vitamins that helps in preventing various nutrient deficiency disorders.

This Health Mix promotes overall health of the family.

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